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Hilarious intro song.

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Please, no more goy heeding Jewish ideas for 500 years. No more gatekeepers, misdirection, and slavery. Get your own ideas.

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Enjoyed the show, but the incel epidemic is massively overstated.


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I give up, I'm just gonna reply to the show notes and pretend I've listened to it. This one seems especially relevant to my conservative-urbanist interests.

The exaggerated deference paid to inner city nonwhites' blood-and-soil rhetoric around gentrification makes me want to go full Cishajnal Berserker Mode. At least mestizos in the Southwest have a legitimate historical claim to the land, but on the East Coast it's pure LARPing. You're not some indigenous tribe who's been defending the sacred land since the Sun God made the First Ancestors from mud and clay, you're a black or immigrant kid whose parents moved to a neighborhood that was vacated by the white working class in the 70s and 80s.

Not far from the "good schools" exurb where I live, there's a small city with heartbreakingly beautiful historic architecture and an astoundingly high per capita murder rate. It's right in the path of gentrification as COL in the metro core keeps going up, but the black political machine that runs the city has made a conscious decision to reign in hell rather than serve in heaven by putting unreasonably complex and expensive permit barriers in the way of (white) people who can afford to rehab property. A handful of brave homosexuals are doing it anyway.

There really is a sort of white-coded "Gentrification-American" culture. It started with Gen X, and flowered with the Millennials, as deracinated white kids from the suburbs began moving back en masse into major cities and building a shared culture based on adolescent commonalities. What's interesting is that it's consistent nationwide, whether you're in the heart of Brooklyn or in a 50k Midwestern city: Eighties pop culture nostalgia, craft beer, "indie" music, et cetera. It's not ethnogenesis, but maybe it's a workable start, if only it were conscious of itself.

I'm sympathetic to castizo futurism and the proposition that a decisive portion of assimilated Hispanics can be convinced to join a right-wing coalition. The Central and South American kids in my area seem like normal American teenagers who happen to be brown, in a way that I wouldn't have predicted to be the case even a decade ago.

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have u tried listening on dub speed?

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Wonderful interview. Robert is a good man and a creative visionary thinker and agree with his views as a fellow Californian of European extraction. I don’t agree with all his positions but about 90% of them. I like your innovative approach to political issues too, Walt Bismarck, though don’t agree with all your positions. I did agree with enough of your views to become a subscriber to your substack though.

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