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Episode 39 : Indian Assimilation, the Deep South, and Presbyterian Futurism with Raising Dragon Slayers

Episode 39 : Indian Assimilation, the Deep South, and Presbyterian Futurism with Raising Dragon Slayers


On this episode of Walt Right Perspectives I speak with Raising Dragon Slayers (follow him on Twitter here).

RDS is a mixed race Texan descended from both merchant caste North Indians and working class Borderer sharecroppers from the Deep South. He is a traditional Presbyterian, but is also interested in futurism and white identitarianism.

Topics include:

  • How RDS mixes a religious traditionalism with a futurist outlook

  • How did RDS come to his particular sect of Protestantism?

  • Are different temperaments drawn to different sects of Christianity? Is this kind of temperamental diffusion bad for Christendom?

  • Did the threat of Communism help religiously unite Protestants and Catholics in America during the postwar era and help Kennedy get elected?

  • How much of the Catholic-Protestant split is just reflective of ethnic differences in temperament between transhajnal and cishajnal whites?

  • The rapid rise of Charismatic Protestantism in Latin America

  • Presbyterianism and its historical origins in Reformation Scotland as a semi-hierarchical sect of Protestantism organized by councils of elders

  • RDS’s heritage as a third generation Indian-American from the Vaishya caste

  • Are Vaishyas more likely to miscegenate with whites compared with Brahmins?

  • Is it easier for North Indians to blend into the white population?

  • Do North Indians do better with white girls than South Indians? Are Indians trailing other Asian groups in social prestige?

  • Have Indian guys benefited sexually from Bollywood or tech wealth?

  • Is the stereotype of Indian guys as sexually aggressive unfair?

  • Why are Indians so big on spelling bees? Are Indians genetically talented at memorization? Does it have to do with different language groups?

  • British colonization of India and RDS’s nuanced take on it

    • Christian communities in India vs. Hindu communities

    • English proficiency in India as contributor to its modern status as economic powerhouse benefiting from tech boom

    • Brutal Chinese / Belgian colonization of Africa vs. more benign British approach

  • Is the caste system bad for India? Should white people adopt something similar? Are we already forming something like this in America?

  • Paul Fussel’s fantastic book Class about the unspoken caste system of America

  • Downward social mobility as a eugenic force in European history

  • Does class mobility diminish noblesse oblige culture?

  • Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer as exemplars of WASP civicmindedness

  • Hustling culture of immigrants and Borderers

  • Is it appropriate for Borderers to respect the Cavalier leadership class of the early South given that they got us into the Civil War?

  • Cultural difference between the tidewater “upland south” of Thomas Jefferson vs. John C. Calhoun’s deep south

  • Who actually picks the North when playing a Civil War strategy game?

  • Did the aggressive / rapey / incredibly unequal Deep South drag the more civilized / industrialized Upland South into the Civil War?

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest as an early example of Borderer leadership

  • Living among other races is more natural for southerners

  • Why does Texas feel more “vital” than Alabama or Mississippi?

  • Successful Castizo Futurism in Texas and Florida vs. Cesar Chavez “La Raza” tradition in California and Arizona

  • How influential is Tejano Culture in Texas?

  • Does Christianity facilitate “bleaching” more for nonblack races than for black people, or is class playing the primary role?

  • Dealing with extended family from a much lower social class

  • RDS’s mother’s class overcorrection as a first generation college student

  • Why are upper middle class guys in particular so cucked compared to both working class guys and rich guys?

  • Does getting a credentialed knowledge class job require you to be soy given the emotional demands of working with women in an office sitting?

  • How “cooning” as a big dumb conservative white guy (.e.g. Ron Swanson, Shane Gillis) lets you get away with being masculine in an office job

  • Is it bad to work from home in front of your girlfriend?

  • Is it inappropriate for your woman to see you in a hierarchical male space?

  • How Christianity gives you an institutional buffer against hypergamy

  • How common is chastity among committed evangelicals?

  • Nerdy guys tend to develop their masculinity in their late 20s, so encouraging them to get married early is a bad idea and will result in them getting a worse wife

  • Is it a bad sign if a man isn’t married by 30?

  • It’s hard to have a girl move in with you in a one bedroom apartment

  • Urban vs. Suburban divide in right wing politics

  • People need to adapt to the world that exists instead of fantasizing about the world they want

  • The best way to make people more monogamous is to inspire disgust with hookup culture, not hide the gross aspects of degeneracy in Hallmark movies or polite bourgeois culture

  • How can Christianity appeal to young men as well as Islam?

  • Christian Hobbits need to get better at politics and Work With Walt

  • When Hernan Cortes conquered Mexico he needed to ally with cannibals

  • Walt doesn’t want old ladies in the midwest to have to learn about trannies

  • Code switching isn’t flakiness, just social skills

  • It is worth being an empire because you can buy jeans at Target for $15

  • It’s really easy to make money in America by job stacking tech jobs, selling black people overpriced solar panels, etc.

  • Brain drain from the midwest—has it already ruined the regional human capital?

  • Are geographic sorting mechanisms good or should we encourage local elites to stay where they are?

  • There seems to be a bigger proportion of elite Zoomers working in hard tech and displaying agentic behavior despite the very low quality of the median Zoomer

  • Millennial attitudes towards money were distorted because of extremely low interest rates and cheap VC money (“millennial lifestyle subsidy”)

  • Chud conservatives were right about weed—you smell it everywhere these days

  • Zoomers don’t drink

  • How does RDS plan to save his kids from dopamine traps like social media / porn?

  • The world changed ridiculously fast in the 90s

  • Does the bifurcation of Zoomers suggest that speciation will eventually occur between dopamine slaves and the more agentic elites?

  • Is the porn epidemic similar to the alcoholism epidemic of the 19th century?

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