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Episode 40 : Zoomer Anxiety, Screen Time, and Consent Norms with Walt's Girlfriend

Episode 40 : Zoomer Anxiety, Screen Time, and Consent Norms with Walt's Girlfriend


In this episode of Walt Right Perspectives I interview my Zoomer girlfriend Alyssa, who made her first appearance on the show a few weeks ago.

I think something’s wrong with my external mic because I sound like Dr. Zoidberg for much of this episode, but at least she came through well.

Topics include:

  • Turning 24 and getting asked how it feels to be in your “mid-twenties”

  • Noticing an increasing proportion of your friend group is younger than you

  • Are Zoomers emotionally softer due to being babied by parents and society, or is it due to a material change in the underlying incentive structure?

  • Alyssa’s experiences and observations babysitting people slightly younger than herself as a young teen

  • Did Alyssa grow up with a laptop, iPad, or smartphone? How did technology impact her own upbringing?

  • Do parental controls on tech actually work?

  • Mavis Beacon isn’t a real person!

  • Alyssa’s experience having her nudes leaked to the entire school as a young girl

  • Rapid changes in the availability of smartphones / the strength of mobile data have caused every 2-3 years of Zoomers to have a radically different adolescence

  • Her experience getting a virus from a chain email that played 2 Girls 1 Cup

  • Walt explains 4chan to Alyssa

  • Her experience getting on Facebook and Instagram at thirteen

  • Does Instagram cause mental health issues in young girls?

  • Are female beauty standards more overpowering for Zoomers than they were for Millennials?

  • Do girls actually get mad when their boyfriend likes pics from random intsa thots?

  • Are men now having the same body issues that women have always had?

  • Do Zoomer men feel more of a need to be attractive because they are relatively uneducated and poor compared to their female peers? Is this causing a steroid epidemic amongst men who are too young to get on gear?

  • Women don’t care about men’s bodies so long as they feel safe with him

  • Did Walt lie about his height when virtually courting Alyssa?

  • It’s stupid for men *not* to lie about their height on dating apps!

  • Zoomer men are insecure because they imagine women are all lusting after Chad when tons of Zoomer women are basically asexual and not lusting after anyone

  • Was Alyssa more excited or scared to go through puberty? Does having an older sister or young mom make going through puberty as a girl any easier?

  • Alyssa’s girlfriends with overprotective fathers and older brothers were more stressed about going through puberty

  • Do girls get the most attention from men immediately after puberty? Would this imply that all guys are perverts?

  • Do girls *need* to have uncomfortable experiences with men to learn how to protect themselves adequately as young women?

  • The rise of sex negativity and man-hating culture among Core Zoomers

  • Do predatory guys act nice to get girls behind closed doors?

  • The importance of having peers both younger and older than yourself—age gaps in friendship promote faster maturation

  • Is it considered normal for undergrads and grad students to fraternize these days?

  • How much of a drinking culture still exists among Zoomers?

  • Do male Zoomers drink more than Zoomettes?

  • The role of Covid-19 lockdowns and party restrictions in helping weed displace alcohol as the Zoomer intoxicant of choice

  • The decline of alcohol facilitating hookup culture among Zoomers—when they go drinking it is more often a “girls’ night” or “boys’ night”

  • Do Zoomers have a much lower sex drive than Millennials?

  • How often are Zoomer girls taken advantage of due to alcohol vs. agreeableness?

  • Are Zoomer girls hooking up earlier than they want to in a relationship because men are passive-aggressively guilt tripping them into sex?

  • The role of dating apps in making both sexes more flighty / flakey

  • Why are younger Zoomers so puritanical about sex scenes in movies?

  • Guys don’t get titillated by seeing boobs in movies anymore

  • Alyssa thinks young women are starting to tilt a lot more Republican

  • Trump is the only person who can moderate the GOP on abortion

  • Alyssa’s thoughts on Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

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