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Episode 42 : The 1619 Project, Hamilton, and Jungian Mysticism with Ringleader

Episode 42 : The 1619 Project, Hamilton, and Jungian Mysticism with Ringleader


On today’s episode of Walt Right Perspectives I speak once more with my good friend ringleader, who writes here on Substack at dog and pony show.

Ringleader has recently made some waves in our circles for his article The Right Should Embrace The 1619 Project, which defends Critical Race Theory from a pro-white southern perspective as a better alternative to a tepid and intellectually bankrupt “colorblind conservatism” per the Trump Administration’s 1776 Report.

Topics include:

  • The 1619 Project / Critical Race Theory and its fundamental narrative on the founding, Civil War, etc.

  • The spurious psychological studies behind Brown vs. Board of Education

  • The recent proliferation of cringe “Black guy reacts” videos on YouTube

  • The 1776 Report was worse and less accurate than the 1619 Project

  • Early in American history, secessionist sentiment mostly came from the North

  • Can kids comprehend the nuanced power struggles of early American history?

  • The dumbing down of American political discourse vs. discourse in the 60s/70s

  • History classes unfairly paint George Wallace as a knuckle-dragging bigot

  • Is there a way you can teach history that makes white southerners, white northerners, and black people happy?

  • Ringleader’s experience as a young southern boy learning about Abe Lincoln and the Civil War in classes that were overwhelmingly black

  • Everyone in the south—white and black—suffered under poverty for decades

  • Why is Atlanta specifically full of scalawags who counter-signal other southerners to win approval from Yankees?

  • Was the guy who killed Stonewall in “friendly fire” secretly on Lincoln’s payroll?

  • Walt’s hot take that Albert Sidney Johnston’s death at Shiloh was the actual turning point of the Civil War

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest is massively underrated as a general

  • The importance of Fort Pillow is massively exaggerated

  • Reconstruction under the Radical Republicans was anarcho-tyranny and the KKK was inevitable (like the Taliban as a reaction to Bacha Bazi)

  • Hamilton is how you sell conservatism to minorities

  • The play was written during Obama’s first term when antiwhite sentiment wasn’t as powerful but was promoted during his second term alongside the antiwhite push of Hillary’s campaign etc.

  • It’s weird how Hamilton centers the “immigrant” status of the eponymous character when he simply moved from one colony to another (also ironic because the Federalists were far more culturally supremacist than the Jeffersonians)

  • Today we think of Hamilton as to the Left of Jefferson, but 100 years ago people thought the opposite

  • Hamilton was very moderate on slavery

  • Was Hamilton’s sex scandal a conspiracy? Was the Reynolds Affair a cover-up for actual improper speculation?

  • Aaron Burr has been unfairly maligned and has no defenders because he was an enemy of both Jefferson and Hamilton (similar to George McClellan).

  • The purported conspiracy by Aaron Burr to establish a monarchy in the southwest

  • Walt resonates with Aaron Burr’s personal approach to politics

  • Alexander Hamilton was the

    of the eighteenth century

  • Madison was intellectually flexible and contributed to both the Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian traditions

  • The role of the Bill of Rights in convincing the states to ratify the Constitution

  • Did America need the Bill of Rights?

  • Was Hamilton planning a putsch during the Quasi War?

  • Why hasn’t James Madison gotten his day in the sun like Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, and Hamilton?

  • The War of 1812 is underrated—if we had lost then Britain could have created a parallel Canada in the midwest

  • Why Black people have turned against Hamilton in recent years due to its fundamental conservatism (in a black political context)

  • Hamilton has some extremely conservative values—it is pro gender roles and individual ambition

  • How Hamilton compares to the old musical 1776

  • American slavery was more humane than contemporary European serfdom

  • How would the South have developed without the Civil Rights Act?

  • The decline of black businesses after integration

  • Basic bitch Republicans are kind of right about black people being slaves of the Democrat Party

  • Upper class white southerners feel a noblesse oblige towards black people

  • It would be much more humane and effective to cane people for drug offenses, vandalism, theft, etc. than to incarcerate them for years

  • Different populations might require different standards of criminal justice

  • Hamilton uses hip hop to explain the founding to black people and likewise used the founding to explain hip hop and black culture to Walt Bismarck

  • The outlaw of dueling in the 1800s was similar to the pressure in the black community to stop killing themselves in the ghetto

  • White nationalists need to collaborate with black nationalists to learn how to sus out FBI / SPLC plants etc.

  • The famous video of black nationalists making a Jewish kid cry

  • The only impactful slur against white people is “racist”

  • White people have a weird religious fixation on the word Voldemort

  • How to emulate the victory of the prolife movement in taking on the Civil Rights regime and building a legal pathway for freedom of association through restrictive covenants etc.

  • Diversity is used as a euphemism for homogenization (also Walt forgets the word “euphemism”)

  • Booker T. Washington’s vision of black self-improvement compared to the more political / black nationalist vision of W.E.B. DuBois

  • Is the African character more polygamous by nature? Should we eugenically attempt to improve the black IQ by letting Clarence Thomas / Kanye West / Glenn Loury / Cornell West take 100 wives each while sterilizing welfare recipients?

  • Did the eugenic breeding for strength on plantations also improve IQ? Does this explain why black Americans are more functional than Africans or Haitians?

  • Is active fatherhood necessary for civilization?

  • Higher tier black people are more traditionalist in their sensibilities than white people (men financially supporting their sexual partners as a matter of course, etc.)

  • Going Dutch on dates is gross and gay—southrons and blacks both get this!

  • You shouldn’t have sex with a girl you don’t want to pay for

  • Bill Clinton’s mixed race kid

  • Bill Clinton and Joe Biden are both verbally adroit midwits who worship power

  • Hillary Clinton is an incredibly effective backroom politician

  • Is Hillary a witch? Does she show signs of suffering from a prion disease?

  • Isn’t it weird that Podesta’s is a portmanteau of pederast and molester?

  • Marina Abramovic, Comet Pizza, rich weird people Satanism

  • Did Epstein have a video of Lindsey Graham doing something untoward?

  • Are there demons buried in the unconscious mind that can be revealed through AI art, lucid dreaming / hypnosis, or the use of LSD / ayahuasca?

  • Why is it that the Aztecs, Europeans, and Chinese all independently developed dragons in their culture? How does “slaying the dragon” metaphorically capture the significance of man triumphing over nature?

  • Is ringleader a young earth creationist?

  • Why does Walt hit on his female friends after taking Adderall?

  • Is Walt an atheist because of Adderall and fluoride?

  • Do amphetamines cut you off from your unconscious mind?

  • How does cocaine stack up versus speed?

  • Dopamine overload is the main cause of ADHD

  • Adderall is the white man’s drug and is the ultimate Faustian bargain

  • Substack is the new frontier of free speech

  • Elon Musk is too old for us to trust him as an advocate

  • We need to make sure Substack is successful

  • How involved was ringleader in the 2016 Alt Right?

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