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Episode 43 : Jared Taylor

Episode 43 : Jared Taylor


On today’s episode of Walt Right Perspectives I speak with Jared Taylor, a race realist who runs the prominent white advocacy group American Renaissance. He also publishes a podcast here on Substack called Radio Renaissance.

Jared and I spoke frequently during the halcyon days of the Alt Right, and we famously collaborated on a music video for his AmRen conference back in 2016, so ever since coming back as a public figure interviewing him has been a major goal.

I think everyone will really enjoy this conversation—particularly our debate at the end as to how successful the pro-white movement has been in recent years.

Topics include:

  • Jared’s organization American Renaissance, which has been promoting racial realism and white advocacy since 1990

  • Jared’s definition of whiteness

  • Does Jared view intra-white ethnic tensions (e.g. historical Albion’s Seed conflicts, or cultural differences between transhajnal vs. cishajnal whites) as important?

  • What is Jared’s position on “bleaching” / Castizo Futurism? Can MENA or Latin American people be assimilated into the white majority?

  • Was it a mistake to let in Walt’s Irish and Italian ancestors?

  • How can we coexist with second and third generation nonwhites who don’t really have a home to go back to?

  • Is the American population becoming swarthier due to miscegenation with Castizos / MENAs the same thing as being racially replaced?

  • Do white nationalists inappropriately apply heuristics developed around the American black-white tension to interactions with other races?

  • Are white people unusually prone to organized violence?

  • Does Jared’s ingroup loyalty stem from an innate kinship bond or a more ideological belief in white merit?

  • Is there a “Faustian Spirit” that makes white people special?

  • Jared’s experience hitchhiking across Europe and noticing that each country warned about the untrustworthy behavior of people in countries to their south

  • Does competing with other races make white people more agentic and activate the “Faustian spirit?” Why are the white people in America’s most homogenous areas the least impressive? Are the most ambitious, high IQ, high openness white people more cosmopolitan by disposition?

  • Does Jared care if swarthy transhajnal New Yorkers miscegenate with castizos?

  • Jared and Walt’s song parody collab for the 2016 Amren Conference:

  • Jared's thoughts on the 2016 Alt Right—how we were different from prior iterations of white nationalism and what we did right and wrong

  • How the internet made it easier to advance dissident ideas

  • Why Jared didn’t go to Charlottesville

  • How the Alt Right’s ideas have disseminated throughout mainstream culture

  • Why Jared didn’t like the “Alternative Right” nomenclature

  • Jared disagrees with Walt’s view that there’s been a deterioration in the ability / character of young people in the movement since 2015

  • Jared’s thoughts on the Groyper movement—can Nick Fuentes lead a successful WN 3.0? Is Christianity a necessary condition for WN?

  • Jared’s moderate and nuanced stance on the Jewish Question

  • Will the Jewish Question always be a wedge in the white nationalist movement?

  • Has the Gaza War changed the political calculus for Jews in taking a prowhite vs. antiwhite stance? Does it make sense now for Jews to ally with white people?

  • The student protestors aren’t antisemites—they are antiwhite thirdworldists

  • Why Jared takes a centrist view on Christianity between Nick Fuentes’s Christian Nationalism and Richard Spencer’s anti-Christian Apolloism

  • Does Christian Universalism leave an intellectual backdoor for slave morality?

  • Jared’s recent statement expressing pessimism about America as a homeland for white people

  • How many conservatives at Heritage / TPUSA / Claremont etc. are covertly redpilled about HBD?

  • Walt emphatically doubts Emil Kierkegaard’s study purporting that HBD is more taboo than defending pedophilia or incest

  • How important is it for conservatives to publicly discuss racial differences in IQ?

  • Walt argues to Jared that the intellectual climate on the ground has opened up tremendously and we need to celebrate the progress we’ve made

  • Why is Jared specifically the one guy still grandfathered into cancelation?

  • Walt encourages Jared to start writing on Substack

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