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The Overton Window - Ep. 4 - Miscege-a-Nation!

The Overton Window - Ep. 4 - Miscege-a-Nation!


On today’s episode of The Overton Window we debate the idea of Castizo Futurism or “bleaching”—the proposition that nonwhite and mixed race people can be genetically and culturally assimilated into America’s white majority in a way that is pro-white and is generally supportive of right wing political objectives.

Articles referenced in this discussion:

  • My essay Why I’m no longer a White Nationalist, where I explain why I have moved away from white nationalism despite maintaining some identitarian sentiments, in part because I see a pro-white future in Castizo Futurism

  • Sunshine’s article Blended Identities, which rejects the Castizo Futurism thesis on account of four primary arguments:

    • The civil rights regime has been encouraging a “flight from white”

    • Slave morality, when combined with the historical narrative of US history curricula, disincentivizes identification with the category white

    • America’s too white for ambiguous features not to stand out but not so white that they’ll be washed out

    • People enjoy feeling unique and special; they see whites as bland and boring

  • Raising Dragon Slayers’ response to Sunshine, Many Hapa Returns, which pushes back on this argument by citing his on the ground experience as a mixed race person in Texas who observes the successful implementation of Castizo Futurism all around him on a daily basis

Towards the end of the episode we also discuss an interesting tweet by C. Jay Engel.

Many thanks to my good friend Rajeev for moderating this spirited discussion!

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